WHat do you use to make Car liverys?

Just starting out. I want to know what to use! Help me please!


I don’t really make car liveries but, you can find certain UV mapped vehicles that are usually A-Chassis.
I then edit the UV map with paint.net because I have no money to buy photoshop.

Paint.net would work just fine. I’ll show you some things I’ve made through paint.net which have come out really nice.

How u rotate Text? I am new to paint.net

You could also use pixlr.com too.

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is it free? If so i will use it. If it aint free i wont use it.

Yes, it is free. Just click the link and go on pixlr e(or X if you want). You don’t need to download anything

Call me stupid, but I use Google Slides lol

I would recommend using the website Photo Editor : Pixlr E - free image editing tool or Photo Editor : Pixlr X - free image editing online

Both of these are from my perspective, some of the best websites to edit liveries

For any newcomers wanting an alternative to photoshop but still high quality I highly recommend figma, its website or application based with a lot of plugins you can use to improve your experience or even right out the box its definitely a great program to have.

Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.