What do you use to plan your builds?

Hi. I know a lot of people out there plan before you build, like you draw the things that you want and take some images, but I have never done any building before so I have a few questions.

  1. What do you use to draw (like a sketchbook or an app, if it’s an app, please tell me what app you use).
  2. What if I’m not good at drawing(I really cannot draw very well), then what do I do to plan out the build?
  3. Is there a certain website you use to get your pictures or do you just google them or take photos?
  4. Are there any other methods you would use to plan your builds?

That’s all. Thank you so much for all the help!
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I don’t usually plan out my builds, when I do its horrible cause i cant draw, I just usually have a good idea of what I want, then go from there.
For inspiration, I just search things up on google images, and for question 4,
I use a project management thing like trello.com or clickup.com , both work very well.



It depends what you want to build. For examples, for larger and more detailed builds, there’s a much longer degree of planning present. From personal experience, I should examine the size of the building (usually metres) and compare it to Roblox form. Once the size has been determined, I would examine depth and positioning. After that, I would pin point the corners of the build to prevent any anomalies in size and disproportions. Then I just build.


Thanks for the idea, I didn’t really think of using a project management website to plan my builds. I may give it a shot and see how it goes!


As a realistic high detail developer I use a number of resources to assist me.

  • Google Earth
  • Google Images
  • Google Maps
  • Sketching
  • If it’s historical I often dig through my History textbooks and bring up an image in my head. With a good description I can often plan quite easily.

Sort of like what @whatul00king_at, I just plan it out in my head a bunch and go from there.

When I do need to make some design plans, though, I usually put some flat bricks on the ground to signify what rooms will exist, as well as certain floor features to go with it.


I think just try to be creative, going on here and learning from other people and looking at what they did, and what you wouldn’t do, and then adding that idea to your plan. Just searching up random buildings helps too, because you get to see what makes the buildings good, what isn’t good, and then adding that to your plan. Building whatever is on your mind is something I do a lot, and I think it helps with ideas of what to build. I don’t really draw out my ideas or buildings, trying to see it in your head you can kind of add thoughts and ideas to it. If you’re building a game or something, thinking of what would look really cool or would look best. Also putting buildings on here is a very good way too improve as people can tell you what they think you did well, what you should add, what doesn’t really look good and should be changed.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


With bigger builds I don’t plan them out I instead look at reference pictures so I can keep my build realistic. Sometimes if I’m working on something I want to hand-make without reference I just draw it on paper!


Well it depends. Sometimes if I have an idea i will try to remember it and write it down or even build part of it if i can. I will sometimes draw the layout. If I find something I like on the internet I’ll build it and base it from the picture. If i’m commissioned for a cafe with little to no specifications I will build something basic and add details based off of other cafes but not downright copying them. If i’m commissioned for a house I will sometimes find a building plan and base it off of that. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


To be honest I just come up with a basic idea and then start, it’s the easiest way to get ideas flowing. It’s not a strategy for everyone but for me it works.


Heres what I recommend you should do to organize/plan out your builds!

-Making a sketch of any ideas in your head. (Add annotations throughout your sketch describing certain aspects of the build.)
-Using a photo reference helps me personally the most. (You can also add annotations to the photo pointing at specific things you might do when building)
-If you have trouble with certain parts of your build and don’t know what to add feel free to look up photos and art related to the topic of your build to give you inspiration.
-If your creating something fully from your imagination, start building a very simple layout with the basic shapes of what your build might look like. Build anything that comes up to your head to your best ability in a simple form first. Then you can use the other techniques to start adding detail to certain parts of your build.

Try to use all four techniques to your best ability!


It depends on what you’re building, really. If you were to build a large scale city, I suggest first to find a vector map of the location e.g London, San Francisco, etc and then create layout with roads, buildings, rivers, etc.

If you were to build something like a military base or any vehicles, use reference images and blueprints and trace it. Googling can help, but if you were to get close look it would be more accurate and precise.

Remember, you can build without drawing/sketching regardless, it should not limit you. Practice more


I don’t plan my builds, but I can give you an idea of what I do to grow the inspiration of such the idea.

My most recent inspiration, as odd as it may seem, was sparked by the Dark souls 2 OST “Majula”.

With those kinds of moments of inspiration, you start to shape it out in your head before you go and work. Planning could be a roadblock because you need to be oddly specific, working off of something you formed in your mind could be more preferred because you can change it up and it wouldn’t impact that whole plan you had in mind. But for concepts, I just look up something and look for the style of building I do, so I look up “gothic” esc builds. Other than just looking it up, despite how much it’s dumb to think of, Pinterest can get you a good concept.

Sorry for the bulkiness of this.


I just have a picture in my head, and just start building. My results are always what i want and what i had in my head.


I normally don’t plan my builds I normally get inspiration from other peoples work or images to get an idea on what I want to create it’s also a good idea to try drawing or looking online on what kind of build you want to create consider having a notebook for when you go out somewhere to gather a lot of ideas if you see something you like or have a build planned in your mind it’s good to write it down or draw it on a piece of paper or notebook. So it really comes down to practice.

When I’m building something I got also get an image - reference of what I’m trying to create or either use other peoples work as inspiration. Most of the time I bookmark an image and use that to get how the layout is what shape to use when starting off. I would usually start with a particle depending on what I’m creating then I use that and try to replicate it and everything will come together.

As well, i think there’s another thread that is relevant to this topic. I would also suggest for you to look at this topic as it got some good advice.


This is a very interesting question if I say so myself!

  1. I use a sketchbook to draw a rough sketch of what I want to build, it doesn’t have to look good, it just has to look good enough that you know what you have to do.
  2. If you don’t know how to draw, I would just look it up on the internet (I used to do this in the past.)
  3. No, I just google them up and pick the one that suits what I want to build.
  4. I use Trello sometimes to tell myself what to do and stuff like that, I don’t use Trello that much anymore but it’s a great technique to use if you don’t have any other methods!

Good day mate!