What does "Commit Script" means

Can someone please explain what does “Commit Script” means: When I make changes on scripts I already published on my place this screen pops up
Screenshot 2022-10-07 225934
Screenshot 2022-10-07 225904

This is annoying can someone tell me how to remove this?

In a team create place I think you have to commit scripts so they get published into the Roblox game. Not 100% sure though. I am usually a solo developer so I don’t use team create a lot.

but in this place there’s nobody with team create permissions other than me.

Try turning Team Create off if nobody has been given permissons to edit your experience. There really isn’t a reason to keep on otherwise. As far as I know that measage only pops up if you have Team Create on, in a Team Create Place you have to commit scripts in order for them to save.

Team create is off but it’ still appearing

In game settings you need to turn off ‘Enable Collaborative Editing’ I think

It’s already turned off but its still happening

if you’re sure you disabled Collaborative Editing in Game Settings > Other then re-installing studio seems to be your only option. sorry

Basically commiting a script happens only when you use “Collaborate” or Team Create, and basically all this does is saving and confirming that you want to publish the script, if you are single making the game, disable the Team Create option!


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