What does Elasticity mean in CustomPhysicalProperties?

I can’t see any difference when messing with the wheels of my car - what does Elasticity do? I have ElasticityWeight set to 100 while I mess with the Elasticity, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.


I know for sure the part ain’t gonna stretch. I see no point in it existing. It could be how much it bounces. Not sure though.

I think it has something to do with how tolerant it is with intersecting with other parts (which includes bounciness I think)… I’m not sure though. I seek clarification.

Be sure to test and figure out for yourself what the property does, and make sure you eliminate variables (you stated that you tested on a car) to find out just how much this property affects physics.

Also it’s come to my attention that the dev hub page on this property - while straight forward - could be improved upon with a visual like the one I did here. I’ll see what I can do to get this gif sent to the correct people.
Edit: My apologies for the overly-critical post. I’ve edited my response to be more kind. Thanks for giving me that feedback :smile:


I did test, but not like that. Thanks. I don’t appreciate the wording of your reply, but your answer is useful to me. :slight_smile:

Dev hub:


Weird, I remember that page having animations… It’s probably a different page I’m thinking of?

They replaced the wiki with the new site. The wiki had more animations on it than the new site.

Yeah, I know they replaced the wiki with the devhub, but still.

This is worth a #platform-feedback:documentation-requests, I guess.


Just from what I’ve personally heard, many find the API reference sometimes esoteric, requiring some further knowledge to fully understand everything and how they tie in. It is a reference after all. In this case, it doesn’t demonstrate what the property exactly does and how it comes into play with physics without having some background knowledge, something someone who’s new to it all simply wont have. I do agree though that people should take more initiative and simply google/ test out in studio before making a post; I’m pretty guilty of not doing that sometimes myself.

I think there’s a misconception here. I did try to test out the property, I just didn’t see any difference in my tests. I may not have done the right tests, but I did take initiative.

I searched the dev hub, Google, and extensively, this forum, to no avail.

For the record, I did try my hardest to find an answer before making this post.


I don’t know. It seems like OP did do their due diligence (tested in studio, checked the devhub, and googling “Elasticity CustomPhysicalProperties Roblox” doesn’t really yield anything useful).

I can’t blame someone for not knowing what that property does. Even the first response to this thread was pretty unsure. Not everybody’s a power user.


Not only that, but if there’s no or very little information easily accessible, despite a power user’s best efforts, they may not be able to find the information themselves.

I do admit that I should have done more testing, however I still believe having this information available will be quite useful to others in the future.


My comment about people taking initiative was aimed to the general public and not at the OP themselves, I do agree that the user did as much as they could in this situation. Sorry about my possible miscommunication there!


I do still thank @Aotrou for their post - while setting the elasticity to 1 I noticed the car would bounce way too much when, for example, driving up onto curbs, so taking it right down to 0 actually made it handle a lot better than when it was at its default. Thanks!


Hey! After catching the post in #platform-feedback:documentation-requests, I made a (hopefully) good update to the PhysicalProperties page, which you can check out here and hopefully this will answer OP’s questions!

Note that you won’t see the changes on the live website in a few days. Please direct your feedback on the Developer Hub page to the thread in doc requests!


Thanks for making this gif! I’d love to include it and others like it on the page for PhysicalProperties. Reach out to me via DM and let’s make the page even better for everyone!

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