What does every one if this mean?

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Second of all, my problem:
I have created this line of code in my script that gives all sort of information of a roblox game

local ID = 482742811
local MarketplaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")

local gameInfo = MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(ID)

Now when you run that code you get this information:

 ▼  {
          ["AssetId"] = 482742811,
          ["AssetTypeId"] = 9,
          ["ContentRatingTypeId"] = 0,
          ["Created"] = "2016-08-17T04:28:36.737Z",
          ["Creator"] =  ▼  {
             ["CreatorTargetId"] = 641139,
             ["CreatorType"] = "User",
             ["HasVerifiedBadge"] = true,
             ["Id"] = 641139,
             ["Name"] = "Bobbysayhi"
          ["Description"] = "The title says it all, press the button and be crushed by a speeding wall!

As you play you earn points for making it to safe zones and oof'ing. You will oof A LOT! Use these points to buy gears to upgrade your speed in an attempt to defeat the wall!

Based off NintendoZACHERY's classic game!",
          ["IconImageAssetId"] = 13907145334,
          ["IsForSale"] = false,
          ["IsLimited"] = false,
          ["IsLimitedUnique"] = false,
          ["IsNew"] = false,
          ["IsPublicDomain"] = false,
          ["MinimumMembershipLevel"] = 0,
          ["Name"] = "Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall!",
          ["ProductId"] = 0,
          ["Sales"] = 0,
          ["TargetId"] = 0,
          ["Updated"] = "2023-06-28T21:26:09.807Z"

I was just wondering if someone knows what every one of them say, of if you can find it somewhere. Some are obvious like “AssetId” or “Creator” but what is “TargetId”, or “MinimumMembershipLevel”?

Thanks for reading this and hopefully helping me! :upside_down_face:

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I’m not sure about TargetId, but MinimumMembershipLevel is likely referring to Builder’s Club exclusive items and games, which means it does nothing anymore if that’s the case


And do you have any idea what the others mean starting from “IsLimited”?


Here’s some information on the other non-self-explainatory keys.

  • AssetTypeId

Image, Shirt …

  • ContentRatingTypeId

Equals one for 13+ assets.

  • CreatorTargetId

Equals the id of the creator (creator type user or group).

  • IsPublicDomain

True/false - is the asset available for use as part of the public domain, or do certain ownership and copyright restrictions apply.

  • MinimumMembershipLevel

As the cool boy said, applied to builder’s club, now I think it’s just either 0 or 4 (highest of the builder’s club memberships), which is now premium of course.

  • Sales

Should be times sold; private info.

  • TargetId

Not sure either. Maybe product’s image in the catalog.

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  • IsLimited: Whether or not the asset is a Limited

  • IsLimitedUnique: Whether or not the asset is a Limited Unique (an asset that’s limited from the moment it’s uploaded to the catalog)

@waves5217 did the rest


I have found this documentation of Roblox that describes all the values.

Of course thanks to @.HugeCoolboy2007 and @.MeerkatSpirit for helping me with some parts

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