What does FE stand for?

i want to make a textlabel. im confused on what the word FE stand for , i want to know what FE stands for to make it more

if i select the wrong topic pls tell me the right topic to post, because i dont know on where to post this kind of post.


fe stands for Filtering Enabled


FE is basically a feature that Roblox has to stop exploiters from using scripts to alter other player’s clients.

Basically, if an exploiter has a Script running on their client, they aren’t able to replicate it to other players.

Some exploiters have found a way around this, but this still stops most exploiters away, so it’s not recommended to turn it off in your game.


Exploiters can change the properties of anything in your game - e. g. the text in your TextLabel. They can also change colours of parts, their sizes, etc. FilteringEnabled makes it so the exploiter changes the part only on their screen. This may seem logical, but pre-2016 wasn’t the case - if an exploiter changed the colour of a part, everyone could see the new colour.

This is mainly why RemoteEvents are so widely used. You can’t for example change the ClockTime on the client. You have to fire a RemoteEvent, otherwise nobody else will see the new time change.

Some things are actually still replicated from the client to the server. Things such as character animations don’t require you to play them on the server - a client can change their animation.

Turning FilteredEnabled off doesn’t do anything anymore. FE is forced on all games.


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