What does microprofiler 'interpolate networked assemblies' mean?

While trying to fix performance issues in a game, something that kept coming up was ‘interpolateNetworkedAssemblies’.

I have searched Google but I can’t seem to find an answer on what this actually means, and what I can do to help reduce it. I’ve looked on some other games and this section is tiny, so it must be an issue with my game (it’s a bit of a mess at the moment).

If anyone knows what this means or what I can do in future to avoid this issue I would greatly appreciate it.

I assume it has something to do with the network assemblies, your most likely sending HTTP requests or something that is taking a lot of data.

Constraint rigs are often referred to as ‘Assemblies’, as a guess this has something to do with constraint replication.

Yeah well it’s a C++ based system so I assume that it’s replication of data.

With basic C++ knowledge you can read the profiler no problem, in Surprised how many methods and libraires you can view in the profiler. It’s quite interesting really.

It definitely seems like it could be that from what’s in the game. I wish there was more information available on this sort of stuff (Lack of information on the MicroProfiler was something I found while looking for info). Thanks for your help anyway, I’ll just have to keep experimenting

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Unfortunately “basic C++ knowledge” is not common so if you could share what you think or know what some labels mean in MicroProfiler discussions such as this one, it would be much appreciated. It doesn’t really help if there isn’t any information. A plus, some of these labels definitely seem custom and not something you can read just by knowing C++.

Furthermore, earlier you said something in regards to HTTP requests but I’m not sure what the physics pipeline, which assemblies fall under, is related in any capacity? I would understand if its replication but that’s not necessarily confirmed. The only clue is “networked”, assuming it isn’t used with a different meaning.

I said that it is clearly using C++ methods. And due to that and the way lua works it make it somewhat easier to read. I’m not saying I’m 100% correct but I’m almost certain that it’s a game process that is sending or receiving data requests as In C++ a method call like that usually is dealing with an object or class that handing data processes. Now bear in mind I’m not a god in C++ but I know enough to read and comprehend some things. I apologize if I said something that was incorrect as there is not documentation on this topic as I am assuming from my limited profile knowledge. Also I was refereeing to the RunJob method not the assemble.

What I meant by what I said was that while these labels are from the C-side of the engine, I don’t believe that you can actually understand them in depth with just basic C++ knowledge which a whole lot of people here almost definitely don’t have (needless to say, I’m making an assumption here). These don’t seem like standard C++ routines and rather custom ones specific to the Roblox engine.

I’m not sure where runJob popped up in any of these conversations since this thread’s on the interpolateNetworkedAssemblies label. If you were talking about being able to read the profiler with basic C++ knowledge in terms of workers and jobs then that’s more understandable where runJob comes into play but in the same capacity, it’s off topic.

Sorry i was tired when I wrote that response. Yes Well they are clearly custom made but with some basic experience as i mentioned you can guess what they mean pretty accurately. Now in this case I assume that it means exactly what it says. The Interpolation or movement / tracking of network or communication of assemblies or a group of one or more objects in an OOP language. Or in lua I assume it means that hey there is a lot of data movement on the client - server and or vise versa communication.