What does raycast Normal mean and do?

I’ve tried to research this but still haven’t found a clear cut answer. So, what does the normal mean/do? Every time I print my normal it just seems like some random coordinate. Not only that, but when I create a part at the raycast Normal, it’s always near/at the origin. Can anyone clear this up for me?

I believe you are confusing raycast result position with raycast normal in this situation.

An example use of case of raycast normal is to orient a part with the ground:

From the sources you’ve sent, it seems that raycastNormal is a direction, not a position, right?

Yes that is correct it is a direction vector

Alright, thanks, I understand now.

I love getting the occasional notification that my reply from over 4 years ago is still getting linked to haha! Hope it helped @bleintant

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