What does the average roblox player need for them to replay your game everyday over other games?

I want to know what the average roblox player expects from a game. Make a line for this

For the second line put what they need for them to replay your game or for them or even to buy things

For the third line put how much I should put into ads and when I should do it (Budget max: 20k robux.)


1.) Good Graphics that don’t set their Device on Fire.Good Gameplay that doesn’t force them to practice their whole life.OK Community (can’t control that much). Useful Gamepasses that don’t take Life Savings.


3.) 2K is Good Enough for a start. Save it for Future incase game fails as u aren’t minting robux that soon until ur game reaches a good stand. (To me it’s 100-1K range.if u are able to hit 1K above you should consider above 5K…)

10k for mon-friday
5k for saturday to sunday

If you are trying to average out at a decent amount of players/clicks these amounts wont give you the full profit but still get clicks, of course the way roblox is you have slim chances of getting the full price back in clicks

10k on week days averages out as 3-6k clicks for me, and 5k on week days is 1-4k

Players expect a game that wont stay the same throughout, they want a reason and goal to keep playing the game for, like a obby the point is to get to the end, and a rpg game the point is to grow stronger. You must establish a base for your game, while keeping it entertaining and well developed.

  1. Other players playing
  2. 100% functional
  3. Original Concept + High quality
  4. Rare items that they can get

Kits, rare skins, daily login, short matches (dont make every round 2h)

Sorry, no. You’ll need at least 100K for 2 weeks if you want the algorithm to feature your game (meaning you won’t need to advertise it after).
I would spend 6K a day for 3 days. At least builds a temporary concurrent playerbase.
Whatever you do, after the 20K your playerbase stays at 0 when you stop advertising it.


False. Doing 2K a day pretty much means everytime a player joins, the last one would already have left. I wouldn’t think about saving for next time everytime, cause like that, you’ll never finish anything and you’ll always be dreaming about the future.

Quite a amazing CTR!

Sorry i forgot about CTR and Impressions (Sorry im late).2K wont be getting you much impressions.

Kind of realized that a bit late :grimacing:.
Sorrry mate if you took my advice. Thanks @Megalodox_Official Forr correcting this i was searching this post to correct my post and found ur notification.

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