What does the filter here catch that sends it to DET for manual intervention?

So far the only thing I know that for sure gets sent to DET for further approval is discord links, however there are a few cases now where posts are being forwarded to DET but they don’t have any discord invites.

(not mine)

So what gets sent to them that can’t be sent on its own without approval?

They don’t. I linked multiple off-site links in the past and they never needed to be reviewed by DET.

This is completely false. With the example incapaz showed on the post, I had no external or malicious links onto my reply on the #updates:release-notes category and I always do this since the 445th, don’t know where you got that seeing my reply.

I messaged DET about this and they said the filter caught something on my reply as a “mistake” and they approved it anyway as a mistake.

In the screneshot above, there was absolutely no links, as for the portfolio example I don’t know, but that can’t be accurate since I link to offsite stuff all the time.

Popular offsite links like Gyazo, Soundcloud, and occasionally other places to showcase your work often get linked, along with the list of whitelisted links like Twitter, Youtube, and the like. Those don’t get reviewed. What are you on about?

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