What does the math.huge function do?

I tried to find out what math.huge was supposed to do but, the Roblox Api Reference explanation didn’t help me out, so it would be helpful if someone told me what it meant

It is equivalent to infinity. Any number greater than 2^1024


math.huge is a variable which equals inf(2^1024-1)

Can you possibly explain to me what this means?

BV.MaxForce = Vector3.new(math.huge,math.huge,math.huge)

Would this mean that the max force is infinite? and wouldn’t it crash the game?

Maxforce is infinite, which means (not max)force can be anything, so it dosent crash game.


Is BodyVelocity Deprecated? if so, what’s its successor?

Yes it is. Use linear velocity instead.

yeah they just deprecated it and ALL bodymovers 2 days ago. oh boy was it a crazy day.

Bypassing gravity. Means if there is a bump which tilts the angle of an object upward, it constantly travels upward without any gravity acting on it. It means there is an infinite amount of force that can be applied to move the object in all 3 directions.

Just to clarify, math.huge isn’t a function, it’s a constant (fixed value) which represents, as its namesake suggests, a “huge” number.