What does "There's not proper number type in Luau" mean?

Hello, I’ve heard that Luau does not have a proper number type, and I genuinely do not understand what this implies.

Could anybody help me?

Luau does have a proper number type.

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I mean that’s what I’m thinking, I think I should edit and mention some posts saying it in OP.

Maybe you made spelling mistake?

local myNumber = 2

if typeof(myNumber) == "number" then
	print("yes") --prints

(and btw they do have one)

Luau has a type called “number”
Perhaps you’re referring to there being no distinction between floats and integers, which is true

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Where have you heard this? Please give us context.

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I cannot find it anymore, it was in a metatable tutorial!

Figures. Whoever wrote that probably just vaguely explained it, which created this confusion.

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