What exactly animates NPCs

I have these NPCS

They are meant to walk around and attack the player
However they don’t get a walking animation for some reason
I made them with the Rig Builder in the avatar tab(with R6 Masculine Block Avatar)

How do I fix them
I have been using Humanoid:MoveTo() to move them and they move but they just stand like that while moving
I need it to be playing the animation

so what exactly is wrong with these
NPCS.rbxm (40.3 KB)


The animate script inside the npc model should be made a server script, not a local one

I tried fixing the original problem by using another animate script, from the player
didn’t realize it was a whole different thing

I need a updated animate script then (for NPCS)

I cut and pasted the contents of a Local Script into a Server Script then remarked out the Chat Hook (NPC’s don’t need it.)

Animate.rbxl (89.0 KB)

You can copy the Animate script from this NPC to your NPC.