What features should I have for my VIP pass?

What should I add to my VIP pass? I can’t think of much anymore. I currently have given some extra VIP emotes and access to beta locations in my game. (They have the option to let everyone in or just themselves.)

Note: By the way, this is a roleplay sort of game, like adopt me.


Maybe if you have a daily reward system, have VIP players earn a bit more? Possibly a VIP tag if you have nametags.

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Thanks! I’ll add those, but most of the stuff is in a tablet gui.

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A VIP pass will give its purchasers benefits in your game based on its gameplay. Without knowing the premise of your game, suggestions on what should be added for a VIP pass are pretty much just an idea vacuum that doesn’t really hold any significant value.

What is your game about?

my role play game vip was getting about 2 sells a month and it’s about 6 and its very easy to add
what u do make a little room with the faces for the vip!

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I’m already planning to have an avatar editor, but that gave me an idea. Maybe I could have stuff like UGC hats as VIP only features. Thanks!

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Maybe a special vehicle or some sort of pet, a daily reward, beta access, things like that.

Or even get creative and maybe discounts on items?

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Thanks, the discount part is something I will most definitely use!

You’re welcome! Also, what theme are you going for?

Theme on what? The game theme, or, just, what?

The game, UI, song, stuff like that.

Theres a custom music chooser as part of the default tablet item. I don’t want to make that a VIP feature. (The music is local so theres no bypassed audio issues.) The UI are all tablets, it’s an adopt me sort of roleplay game.

I like the set audios, bypassing audios is a big thing right now. Smart. I also really like the game idea.

NP and can much will it be? i wnat to save up for it

It shouldn’t be in a spoiler, since that’s the most critical and defining context behind your game. This can help spur some suggestions about what you can do with your VIP game pass.

I can read the whole post but everything that’s critical towards defining your game’s outline should be right there on the thread. I don’t often open spoilers and shouldn’t be expected to know that an important or defining game detail is behind a blur.

Do you already have your systems down or a rough outline of what exactly you’re going to be doing for the game? An “Adopt Me” like game is fine for baseline context, but it would be far more helpful if you provide details such as what you’ve thought about regarding the game’s premise. Not everyone has played Adopt Me or knows how the game runs, such as me - saying “Adopt Me-like game” isn’t enough detail to understand what you’re hoping to achieve.

A VIP game pass for a socialisation game could have exclusive room building options if you support building (colours, furniture, decorations and so on). If you have currency systems, VIP can help you earn cash easier with a multiplier, such as 15% more cash (earning * 1.15 = correctedEarning). Stores can feature special discounts or exclusive items. Things like this are good to use.

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