What features would you want in an API?

As you can probably figure out, I’m trying to make an API with the aim of making development easier for beginners. What I need is help to figure out what should be added to the API. For example:

  • Simple Datastore 2 implementation
  • Quick leaderstats creation
  • Moderation Tools
  • Simple tool commands
  • Quick GUI creation/programming

but this only covers a small part of what you need for programming on roblox. What Should I add?

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Well, That’s A Wrong Category, Please Choose Development Discussion

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Changed it, thank you :slight_smile:

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No Problem, Have A Nice Day, Also I Think That’s Enough Features Also You Can Add Custom Game Services.

More script errors. I can’t even see why some functions aren’t working because no error is popping up.

Yes, I agree. I hate when something isn’t working and have to search to find out why

What do you mean by that?

Character Limit

All would be nice but I’d use the guy helper the most if you made that

Development discussion isn’t the right category. This should go in Help and feedback.

I disagree with making those if they are “Simple”. Hundreds of them already exist and little to no one uses half of them. Only a few stand out. Though, if you are experimenting with it, don’t hesitate to continue!

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But things like datastores are difficult to people who are new to development, thats why i want to implement them.

Are you sure beginners are able to use and understand how module scripts work? A million of those exist. The most prominent ones are Datastore2, ProfileService etc. And I recommend beginners to learn how to use the Roblox Api and then Datastore2 or profile service.

And doing stuff like:

function module:Set(key, value)
    Datastore:SetAsync(key, value)

Is what I see most ‘simple’ datastore modules do.

Well, You know game:GetService(“AnyServiceName”)

You Can Create Your Own Services Like:


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For easy development, math heavy functions, I honestly suck at math and as a beginner I would of just given up had it come to math, If you create a math-targetted API, doing functions, lerping through things, mathematical things then you’ll help people out.

Another hard concept was raycasting, it was kinda tricky to understand it back then as a beginner.
But ake sure to ofer a tutorial or two from roblox whilst they develop because it will help them alot.

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That is very misleading. You cannot create new services because roblox does not allow you to do so. Datastore2 isn’t a service. Its a library/module. You can only create modules for the same that can be used using require(), not GetService().

instead, i’d do something such as


Component meaning something that you created, or via someone elses code. A component helps add to the base environment.

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You can’t use modules in other scripts without require(). GetComponent() isn’t a thing as per the official api docs.

yeah but if you’re going to require a module for help, then this module can provide a getComponent function to help get components which can be utilise in actual code. Like sub-modules for a main module.

i’m talking about making getComponent a thing when you require the module lol.

  • all of my frameworks are built on modules, so :getComponent is apart of the game instance. Sorry if I was being misleading in my message :+1:

I think adding a shop that saves your purchases would be very helpful for beginners.
It’s a little bit annoying that it’s hard to just save simple things using Roblox datastores. :man_shrugging:

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That would be great, so ID’s being assigned to objects, then storing them in a table?

Yeah, using a table to store the ID’s would be how I would do it.