What fonts, and effects do you guys use on your gfx?

I’m looking to get into gfx but I’m wondering what does the community use? What kind of fonts, fx, backgrounds etc.

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Some fonts I can recommend are:

Adobe Fonts

Sans Serif:
Bebas Neue, Open Sans, Gotham, Acumin Variable Concept and Corbel.

Imperator, Industry Inc, Input Sans Compressed and Input Sans Narrow.

CCBiffBamBoomOutline, Bostellaµ and Zondas

ROBLOX Studio Fonts

Gotham (All variations; beautiful font), Highway and Cartoon

I’ll let someone else answer for the FX and backgrounds.


Fonts I use in photoshop include Uni Sans, Proxima Nova and Nexa (you have to download them online). Those fonts look really good when making a UI that takes a modern approach, or making a modern-styled game or building.

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