What functions and services are necessary or most used?

Im trying to get better at making games, right now im finishing up a fnaf style game, thing is, i made 3 games and although i have gotten better, my tools haven’t changed much.

For this fnaf game, i have used: Remotes, DataStore, ContentProvider, Modules, Functions, If’s, Pairs, Whiles and attributes. Thing is, i know there are more things which i should learn, such as ContextService, which seems the most important, ipairs , Tags, which i dont know anything about, and bindable functions, which i also dont know anything about.

I would like to know what other things i should aim to learn more about, right now, im just going to study ContextService, it seems i can rely less on If’s with it.


Learn how to make custom objects using metatables. There is a trick to make them work across remotes too.

Object Oriented Programming
And most importantly, modules!
That’s ALMOST everything you’ll need for your type of game

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