What game could I make with my skills?

Im curious on what I can make with my current skills mixed with help from the internet, I know basic scripting e.g: How to make a kill block, touch events etc.

What games could I make which is a) not a obby and b) not a game full of free models?

In advance thank you

No one can answer this for you, this is something you have to figure out yourself unfortunately. Though if you have beginner skills I would recommend something easy, like an obby (even though you said not an obby).


I believe it could be wise to start with small side-projects, something you may or may not release, but be there to help you practice and get a better grasp on your abilities. I wish you the best of luck!

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Before starting a game you need to get an idea on what type of game your wanting to create something that your interest in and a game you would enjoy making/playing. Start simple?

There are a few post that have been discussed in previous threads that talked about what game should I make? You should instead develop more time into researching these common factors before creating other similar questions. Create any game that interest you, as you would push your skills to the limit and learn ways to accomplish a more game defining game related to what you enjoy.

Getting ideas from other users is good and all but it shouldn’t be based on what people suggest to you. Brainstorm variety of game ideas place them on a piece of paper and see which one you would want to develop in. Something that inspires you it could come down to different genres, (Adventure - Survival Horror - Action).

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Make a game where you have to dodge raining acid!