What game should I make as my first (solo) main project


I have created many games before (obbies, tycoons, simulators and other such as “Find The”).
Most of them were made to learn scripting and most of them were copy of other games.
They were small and I updated them 1 maybe 2 times. I treat them like side projects or smth like that.
I would like to make game that I will keep updating because many (atleast 1k) people will play.
I know that I need good advertising and catchy Icon/Thumbnail but problem is with game idea.
No matter what I come up with, there will always be a game that has already been created.

FPS game? There is many of them.
Simulators? Most of them are cash grabs and has been created (there is no idea for unique simulator such as Bee Swarm Simulator)
RNG? Bruh… people really love money, it’s overrated.
Tycoons? No idea tho, almost every tycoon are based on the same machanic.
Story Games? Also no idea for unique Story Game.
Horrors? There are still many ideas for horror games but they require “Voice Actors”.
Find The? It’s dead genre now.
Donation Games? Also overrated, there is many of them such as “Starving Artists”, “PLS DONATE”, “Draw & Donate”. No idea for unique one.
Anime? Also overrated, a lot of games are copy of others, and I don’t like this genre.
Roleplay Games? Another overrated genre, nonsense of making because most people are playing “BrookHaven RP” (+ I don’t like this genre)
RPG Games? Dead genre, a lot has been made and only few of them are still popular.
Tower Defense Games? Also overrated because of “Skibidi Toilet TD”, someone made TD kit and everyone is using it, TD games looks like cash grab now (That’s why I don’t want to make TD game).
Driving/Racing Games? There is many of them and making cars isn’t my good side.
Survival Games? Dead genre, only 2-3 survival games are still popular.
Trend Games? (I don’t know how to call it). There is nothing “trendy” at the moment and I won’t make brainrot game (Skibidi, Sigma, Gya-, Mewing):nauseated_face:
Sport Games? Dead genre, many of them were created.
List of most game genres that I won’t make and reason why.

Remember, I need an idea for game that I want to make.
You may say that I should use “ChatGPT” but it’s giving me ideas of games that already exist or are based on “AI”.
Making “Unique” game on Roblox in 2024 is hard, maybe there are some ideas for Unique Simulators
but I can’t think of it. Maybe my brain is tricking me and that’s why I can’t think about any game idea.

If you have any idea (I said this many times) then please, tell me what should I do.


You should recreate a classic floor is lava game, or maybe like a entire adventure games where you have powers like a wizard or maybe even a swordsman.


In my first game, I wanted to make something perfect with multiple commands, but it was a very bad game. My idea was like this, first I tried to find help videos in my own language (Turkish) and when it didn’t work, I found help videos in the main language of roblox in English, but when I couldn’t find some of the videos I wanted, I gave up on the game I wanted to make a commanded perfect game, but I still had the desire to make a game. And so I created an attention-grabbing and copyright-free game using the maps and weapons from the now defunct Murder Mystery 2 game. and on average 2,000 people a year played it. So if you can’t come up with an idea, push yourself a bit or use games that are not currently in use. Have a good day :slight_smile:


Just make a simple shooter game. In my opinion, a shooter game is the best way to a game career as it allows you to master:

  • Scripting (Coding frameworks etc)
  • Gui Design
  • Building (Maps, lobby etc)
  • Modelling (Making guns etc)
  • Animation (Animating guns)
  • VFX (Gunshot ,explosions, environmental effects)
  • Project Management
  • SFX Importance and handling

And a couple more stuff so I suggest starting off with a simple zombie shooter. You don;t have to make models or animations yourself so just start small.

I myself am working on a zombie like shooter game even though I am a veteran in game design (~ 4 or 5 years I forgot).


I always look up to platformers because you can get really creative and unique with one. You learn skills like level creation, scripting, UI design, modeling (if you want), and getting acquainted with the engine overall. I also agree with @K4ttt_i 's suggestion, but like you said there are many of them.

At the end of the day, we can’t tell you what to create. It seems like you are trying to get players and profit based on your judgment on some of the categories you listed. I’m here to crush your dreams and tell you that’s just not going to happen. You will never get anywhere with that mindset. Make games because of you, not because of some number on the screen.


Only you should know what your first solo main project should be.

It’s your first, so don’t expect to hit 100,000 players on it during launch. I suggest you mainly focus on improving your skills and learning a lot of different concepts, so I suggest you pick an idea for the project which will force you to better your skills.

@K4ttt_i is correct with how a shooter game can help you improve on a lot of different things, but look into what you are lacking.