What game should you make?

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Hello. I love making games and I get game ideas repeatedly but there is a problem whenever I search for my game ideas there is a game called my game idea, for example, I want to make Hunting Simulator when I searched for Hunting Simulator, there was already a game and if I make one like it I would get banned for copyrighting what should I do? there is a small chance that nobody made my game idea

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You would only get copyrighted (DMCA) if you steal assets, since you aren’t stealing any assets at all it’s fine. Though I would try something like “Hunting Masters” instead of “Hunting Simulator” if it’s already taken (as an example).

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I would like to make a game called “Hunting World” without stealing any assets
Will I get banned for it or not?

No, not at all! I’ve had a couple of people steal my game name and concept but there’s nothing that will happen if they don’t take any assets.