What goes into making a appealing gui?

Hi, I’m always to make a game, but always quit on it during the GUI design, I want to know, what’s the special formula to make an appealing GUI, that can teach the player the in and out’s without being too intrusive, what colors go into making it look good? This is a question that has always been on my mind, and this is my first posting here.

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You can find numerous resources and tutorials which tackle this specific topic in #learning-resources:community-tutorials.

The following are some of the well received ones:


Well there are many and @byc14 linked some really good examples of some good tutorials but I am going to give you a simple one. Follow a color scheme. Following a color scheme makes the UI look really nice and organized and very appealing to the eye.

I’d suggest making the icons with rounded corners that have an appealing amount of detail. For some reason I always think they look much nicer that way and more modern.

Or you could make the icons bright and nice looking, to grab the players attention. I’ve mostly seen this used in simulators…

I’d suggest having a set theme to the guis of your game. This may include using a group of colors that go really well together. However, picking colors that aren’t complimentary would maximize the look of the UI. Also, using similar styled buttons and frames throughout your game can keep things consistent.

I hope that helps, and good luck on your project :smile: