What groups and games are good cash grabs?

I’ve recently been looking into group and game ideas that are easy cash grabs.
Most of the current ideas I have thought of are from dead genres. An example I thought of was a USCBP group (southern border patrol). The genre has easily made millions off of their games but has died off.

Other ideas that came to my mind were…

  • simulators
  • RPG
  • hangout plazas
  • asylums/prisons

What are your guys’ thoughts on this


Simulators are the best games for cash grabs. Although there are lots of pros and cons into making a simulator.

1st off, there are more then THOUSANDS of simulators at this point & if you wish to make one, I’d rather advise you NOT to make one.

Such as, think of a original idea and brainstorm it, not saying a simulator is bad but it’s quite not FUN at the moment.
But, if you don’t like my response/advice, sure you CAN make a simulator, but think of NEXT LEVEL ideas. Add new tools, new top level system etc.

As said by ROBLOX, yes, your posibilities are endless, you can make anything you wish!

Goodluck! :+1:


Honestly I would say the hangout one is the best if you can get it out there, I am looking for a project so we could definitely work together 50/50 if you want.

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Thank you! I had simulators at the bottom of my list as they are overpopulated at the moment. I have thought about doing something original but when one idea is brainstormed, surely another person is thinking of the same thing.

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I for sure want to make a hangout with someone, me being the builder, they can easily make tons of money they just have to be unique they could be a developer hangout thats what i want to create with someone but i need them to be a ui designer/scripter and I will build teh whole thing

Not quite, a hangout adds players who just wants to Chill and Hangout, doesn’t matter if it’s there friends or other people they meet. Example if you gamepasses such as, “Running speed, Gravity Coil etc”, ehh, they might get sales but mostly the game/server will be up to for just talking and “hanging” out.

That is the point of a hangout, you add premium benefits and if it is a developer hangout, most likely people have premium which you profit off of them, even if they are just hanging out in the game. You can add things like points for the time you are in the game and you can spend them on custom things such as a hoverboard for the player, or a coil, or a minigame that is optiojnal to join and lets everyone join in the server if they want, just to psice tings up.

I had an idea of making an SCPF or other group and sell ranks which characters are drawn to. Would that be a good idea?

And think of trade hangout people buy custom name titlesthat are just different colors, they pay up to thousands for just a colored name so they can stand out from everyone else.

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Believe it or not most of the military/hotel/cafe scene a lot of those employees are almost all non pay to win kids usually on a parents laptop or a mobile device. Which usually dont have money I would say not.

Role playing games do get some pretty decent sales, so sure! But, i’d recommend making your own unique group and being creative with it. I’ve seen so many groups just copied and copied AND copied. Original Ideas always help!

Edit: As @iiD34N said

that is true, surely it’ll get you to something but you’ll need to advertise every single week or so. Having your own game rather then a RP is better as it gets more sales and attracts more players!

mhm, think of ToH it has nearly 100k players right now. why? Because it is original. btw I want to make a developer hangout with someone does anyone want to join the job with me? we would split profit 50/50