What GUIS Would I Use To Make A Settings Thingy?

What GUI’S would I use to make a settings thing can anyone list the order in which I should do it?


What do you mean by settings menu?


Oh god I’m an idiot I mean a settings thing. I’m typing in the dark so I cant see the kets/

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Like a gui that players change their ingame settings?

Yes that sorry I cant explain that good with UI’S

I mean the settings are completely up for you to decide. Every setting in your game is based off of your gameplay. Some common settings that I see are:

  • Audio

  • Graphics

  • Language

And the list goes on and on. There really is no proper way to create a UI. After all, you are the designer. To make it look more aesthetically pleasing,

I would recommend splitting each category into it’s own tab. Have a tab for audio which could deal with the Master Volume and the Sound FX that play throughout the game and a separate tab for the gameplay which could deal with the texturing and graphics of your game to increase performance.

As long as it’s friendly to the human eyes, there really is no wrong way to make a settings “thingy” :slight_smile:

yes but would I use text buttons or text labels or image buttons or image labels?

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I don’t have any good examples to show you right off the bat, but what I do is divide each section in a Frame which can be organized using UIListLayout or UIGridLayout to accurately space out each setting. In each frame, I include a title which is a TextLabel and I use text buttons/image buttons to make it programmable. I shouldn’t get too into depth because this is YOUR UI design, not mine.

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