What happened to the dev forum UI?

I came on the dev forum this morning and now the UI is changed.

Did this happen for anyone else?

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I don’t know man. Maybe they changed it?

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Is it like this for you too?

Ipsum lorem

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happened to me to.
the dark mode users are pushing their agenda further every day

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This is not a bug. You can change your interface theme by pressing on the ≡ and selecting a different theme under the theme selector.

but now its dark by default. i never asked for this

Okay so change it by following the instructions

oh geez i never thought of that

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Yes intended behavior, we’ll have an announcement up soon™ that explains it.

This only happens when you have never explicitly selected a theme preference before.


The feature is fully released now, please leave feedback here: New Top Navigation Bar: Easily Switch Between Creator Hub Pages