New Top Navigation Bar: Easily Switch Between Creator Hub Pages

Hey Creators!

We’re launching a new navigation bar at the top of the Forum — just like the one on the Creator Hub! With this update to the Forum and Creator Hub navigation, we hope that going between the two feels smoother and more intuitive.


The new, consistent top nav bar means no more awkward back-and-forth, just an easy breezy click away to go straight to any Creator Hub page! It should feel a lot more seamless when you want to go between browsing the forums, checking your dashboard, or reading documentation.

As part of this update, we’re changing the default theme to the Roblox dark theme, to make the Forum feel like a cohesive part of Creator Hub. Don’t worry, we aren’t changing any themes that you’ve set for your personal accounts (you can go all light theme if you want, this is a judgment-free zone), but forum guests who aren’t logged in and new accounts will see the Roblox dark theme as the new norm :night_with_stars:.

We also want to note that there are some limitations to how we handle logged-in sessions between Hub and the Forum. Today, you could be logged in on one but not the other, or logged in with an alt account on one and your main on the other. We’re looking into how we can improve this, so please share your feedback as you explore the new nav experience.

We hope you love the new navigation feel, even though changes like this can be a bit jarring at first. Let us know if you run into any major issues and share your feedback here.

Until next time~

With love,
Creator Hub Team

@Wiggletsunami @DeDuckotron @Kairomatic @Hooksmith


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I think this is a nice change!

Can we please have the forum logo back? Why do we need the “Forum” text at the top twice?

The Creator Hub logo at the top left is blue for me (only here on the forum). Maybe it’s because I’ve visited the site it links to before and Firefox marks it blue to indicate that I’ve visited it before?


When on mobile there it isn’t laid out as well, it’s in a drop-down and not a navigation menu. Is there any plans to change this to be more consistent with the mobile creator hub layout?



The only problem I’ve seen is that the avatar doesn’t sync between the Creator Hub avatar and the Forum Avatar, looking weird to those who don’t know how to sync both of it up.

It’s not horrible though and it makes going from section to section easier!


good update now bring this layout to the senile, janky, old main website (


At least integrate the two websites ( and

Roblox admins trying to close the post before the negative replies:
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i really like this change however what if we unlock its full potential with moving the “Buttons” a bit around? for example we could only display the “Buttons” when the Forum button is pressed.



Perhaps using an icon in place of the word “Forums” would work better once you scroll down a little and it moves next to the post title?

I’m not sure this just looks quite out of place imo.

Other than that this really isn’t a big deal. My only other nitpick is that it would look less thrown in there if the roblox dark theme background was changed to match the grey found on the creator hub.


To be honest, I like the white forum interface better than the dark.


We’re aware of the syncing issues (for avatar, username, display name, email address used for notifications) and are working on addressing these. You can see this resolve in the future.


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into it!


Hey, quick question: Why did you choose to remove the Forum logo and replace it with “Forums?”


Love the tie-in with Create, way easier to switch around now. It is nice that the header hides itself when you’re scrolled down as well.

I don’t like the trend of calling it “Forums”, this is incorrect, there is only one forum, it has always been called “The DevForum”. Can this terminology be updated everywhere? There are various arguments for which is correct - plural or non, but we have the history of this being singular, and the subcategories being simply called categories, or sub-forums.

Further, this feels very barren and out of place. It feels like there should be an icon up there, or a graphical logo, or simply nothing except for the thread title - the indent for the label is very distracting because the title is not aligned with the page anymore. Right now it is just a disembodied floating label that looks sort of broken.


i love the layout of the new topbar, but i do feel that both the different horizontal margin sizes and the duplicated profile picture distract me.

perhaps you could reshuffle some of the icons and elements to integrate to the top bar? enjoy my awful paint rendition of some of these “issues” fixed

edit: i’ve also realised the margin changing wouldn’t be needed if only one bar was used, so less things to change :smile:


Just as I sayed, this would turn out to be an exceptionally sleek design.


Duly noted, we’ll look into how we can improve this :slight_smile:


On paper this sounds like a great idea, however when I’m on the devforum I’m not trying to go to the creator hub on the same tab, or even at all. It was put together very quickly and there’s so many issues with the design now (Such as there just being a redudant space at the top, forums being shown twice, and profile shown twice). Not the mention the 3x loading times


I can’t reproduce this, could you describe it in more detail or submit a forum bug report in #forum-help:forum-bugs ?


Love this change!

If you want to take it a step further, you can consider implementing these two changes:

  • Consider changing the black navigation bar colour to support other themes as well.
For instance, this is how it looks on my grey amber theme. I would love seeing it grey instead of black so that it blends into my theme.

  • Adding quick links to the main website and studio. You’ll notice that on the bottom of the left sidebar on the creator hub, those two quick links are present. I would love to see them on the new top navigation bar of the DevForum as well. The quick link to the main website would especially be useful to me as I often switch between the main website and DevForum. A simple button to click would greatly help.