What happened to/How do I use "Highlights"?

A good while back I remember seeing an announcement post about “Highlights” beta. It described a system that let you outline & highlight/silhouette adornees through walls.

Now, months later, while I see the object in studio, it doesn’t seem to function - Not only that, I can’t find it’s Beta opt-in setting in Studio either. But not only THAT, despite searching I can’t seem to find the initial announcement post I saw on this long ago.

What happened? Did they recall this update and remove the post, leaving the inactive object?

I’d love to use it but I can’t seem to find any info on it, outside of the dev API page which is obviously lacking real information.

What’s up? Does it exist or not?

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The feature isn’t out yet. Just wait a little longer. :slight_smile:

I don’t recall seeing one.


there was no announcment post.

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It exists, it’s been in the Release Notes three times so far, I’m assuming there’s an issue with it currently. Best to just wait.

As @BullfrogBait says, it’s in release notes, and I usually monitor the announcements page, I myself have seen the announcements, announced earlier this month