What hitbox method should I use for boss fights?

I’m wondering right now what types of hitboxes I should use for a boss fight. Most the attacks will be large AoE attacks that the player must dodge in order to avoid.

I know of .Touched and Raycasting, however I’m wondering which method is better to use in this case, and maybe if their are other methods too. Again, most the abilities will be large AoE attacks, but maybe some small straight forwards attacks too.

From what I know, .Touched isn’t good for a combat system, however since this is just boss attacks, would it be more practical to use .Touched?

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In my opinion I would not use a .Touched event even if it’s for boss attacks. If you’re making AoE attacks you’re better off using :GetPartsInPart() or simply raycast.


Me too, I think he is right you should try that.

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