What i can add to this logo

Hi Devs!
I am making Simulator and i need to make Logo Lightning Bolt

Here is it Tbh i dont like it that much what i can do to make it more cartoon style

(White Things are the watermarks)


Add the game name to it. Have the lightning bolt overlap some of the words maybe.

No This is not The Game Icon The game icon that i made is

I need to make This for in-game Things

Add a name or something to make it look unique and recognisible.

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Looks like a here and there logo lighting bolts can come in many shapes and sizes I feel like, you could add some sort of effect around the side of the bolt or vibrant colors on it to bring out those colors a little bit. Do you mind explaining more in your thread on what will this be used for?

Including something on it or change the texture on it to resemble a certain theme you’ll need to experiment into adding vibrant colors and use of effects. Do you mind explaining on what will this be for (in-game thing)? If I were to suggest anything add some lighting casting on the design, making the colors more vibrant in a kind of way.

I’ll try using reference images to get little ideas to add to your own in-game logo I’m assuming it’s going to be used as a GUI? Reference image as a example:


This is not for game icon!I already made icon!