What if I created a game based on character owned by others?

I know you guys probably get this questions a lot , but I have to ask for a confirmation before spending time on it.

As you know , there are games like Dragon Balls , One Punch Man , Marvel & DC games in Roblox.
How come they are not sued or taken down? They are clearly using a character & names not owned by them. They also gained a lot of Robux (which is same as getting real money because DevEX).

What are the risk of creating such games ?
I am getting sued or copyright strikes if I made games like that?
Perhaps I can’t DevEx my Robux gained (from the game)?

I am thinking of a making a Superhero games , DC & Marvel that Roblox have never seen before.
I am just curious about this.

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What are the risks of creating such games?

By creating a game using characters and IP from another company without permission, you put yourself and your game at the mercy of their legal team—they’re within their legal rights to take your game down and pursue further action against you.

Will I get sued or copyright struck if I make games like that?

There isn’t a guarantee that your game will be taken down, but it’s an ever-present risk as long as it remains publicly accessible. There are many games on the front page that adopt copyrighted material without permission, and they are and will continue to be in danger of takedowns and/or further action at the discretion of the copyright holder.

Perhaps I can’t DevEx my Robux gained (from the game)?

Choosing not to make money off of the game doesn’t make it any more legal to use copyrighted material, as you would need explicit permission to use the characters regardless. In the event that you do obtain permission, denying you the ability to profit from the game is typically one of the conditions of the deal. However, you will always need that permission if you want to safely produce the game.

Incorporating copyrighted material into your game is a risky move that could land you in legal trouble in the event that the copyright holders (in this case, both DC and Marvel) choose to take action against you and your game. Of course, there are other games that have either decided that the risk is worth pursuing or are just unaware of the legal ramifications, and those games will likely always exist unless Roblox’s policies change to become more focused on prevention. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before massive corporate entities like DC and Marvel initiate a widespread crackdown across the platform, and many games will be forced to close and possibly be sued for damages (as both companies have a history of doing) as a result of the incredible amount of income a particular few of them have been generating for the past few years.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether or not you want to risk wasting months of development time only to have your game taken down, or worse: damages and other pursuits as a result of the game’s potential popularity.


Keep in mind different companies act differently-
Nintendo: VERY strict
Sonic: Sonic permits some stuff
And those games you mentioned, they have different permissions, perhaps they even contacted the corporation that made them for permission.
Usually it reaches a money threshold, then gets cracked down on. Yeah.

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Thank you so much for your detailed reply :smile:
I don’t think I am going to start the project now , I am not willing to take any risk .

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