What if i want to reduce the map of my game, but then i don't feel like i want to do that

Total parts seems reasonable. I didn’t have any lag in the buildings. I don’t know how to turn off the wind effect. I thought it was an add-on. :face_with_monocle:

if i’m thinking of making it a mesh, how do i make a mesh since i’m just a basic builder and not much of a modeler/mesher

i checked all of my total models in my game and none of them have any infected scripts like Spread or Anti-Lag
btw i already have a plugin called Scan Selected Instance so i can check what type of stuff are in a model i add into my game

i used to use a plugin called Server Defender when i was using it for the first version of my game (june-september 2020)
this is what it looked like back then:

the server defender plugin caught a few scripts like “Anti-Lag” and “Infection” but the problem was that it didn’t catch the scripts that are called “Spread” (most models in the first version of my game had this script, stuff like the cabins, library, the npc’s and a few other models)
and i didn’t know what to do about it since my plugin didn’t catch the “Spread” script so i had to make a second version of my game (current version right now)

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did you get any lag whenever you would teleport to the car dealer because i would get lag whenever i would teleport there

im not sure if other people are getting a lag from teleporting there, but at least for me i lag when i teleport to it

Yeah, no lag at all on the mountaintop where none of the grass loads. That’s just one computer, one opinion. Good luck!

Do you mean like what to do if you change the map size and later regret it?

yes @EchoWinds

something like that

basically, im talking about what if i want to reduce the map and the models but then i don’t want to do it
hopefully it makes sense

is the script called “GrassFX” inside it supposed to be what makes the grass have the wave effect

Then don’t do it? I know you’re struggling a bit to explain it to us but as of right now it sounds like something with an obvious answer.

i know it’s a little confusing for me to explain this to you about all of this

but could i try removing some parts of the current map of my game if i feel like it
and if i don’t feel like it, i just won’t do it

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why do i need to remove the trees
i know this might reduce some lag since there’s many of them, but don’t other city games have trees too

In the script just comment the whole thing out “–” just to see how the performance changes. You can rule the script out in a matter of minutes.

By looking at the picture, I see a whole bunch of free models. Check other dangerous functions like Require(). and Fire

Are you using too many scripts and too many loops instead of combining them?

You can make models into meshes or/and make more parts noncollidable.

Something I’d do is make a mesh from many parts, let’s say a train, and make that train noncollidable because it has many too many dimensions, I’d then use invisible, collidable parts inside the train so you can simulate the collision without a strong dimension.

Reducing triangle count is important to overall reduce lag and anchoring objects will reduce game physics lag.

i’m not sure, but i am using too much free models in my game and some people speculated that it was the reason for my game to lag

are you talking about at the beginning where it says “This is a default roblox grass script. Do not remove for high quality grass” or just remove “-” off of every line in the script

what picture? i didn’t add one in the beginning of my topic

that is what i meant

the free models

I would add the 2 characters “–” to every line, turning the whole script into comments without deleting it, thus disabling it. But I’m awake, I have a fresh take now.

I’m going to ask a different question… Is this script in every single grass? How many times is this script running on loop?

oh that

that’s the first version of my map
it had many infected scripts inside of it

what happens if i disable the script in proprieties

i’m not sure
i’m not really a genius at this grass script stuff but i’ll go see