What if i want to reduce the map of my game, but then i don't feel like i want to do that

remind me whether this should be here or #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

but i need some advice with this because i’m a bit confused with all of this

i made an older topic here Anybody know why some people are disliking my game - Help and Feedback / Cool Creations - DevForum | Roblox about whats wrong with my game and what should be improved, and many people pointed out that the reason my game lags is because the game has too much models in the game
all around the map

i want to remove them and replace them with some of my models and reduce the map a little bit
but then again, i feel like i don’t want to do that

i know it may not be a good title and some stuff i’m saying might not make much sense, but that’s all i could come up with in my head

i do, but i’m just asking what if i want to reduce the map of my game, but then i don’t want to reduce it and keep the current map my game has

Well then it’s your decision then.

You mentioned:

So ofc reducing the map will give your game a “new life” which’ll make it more optimized. Yea I know boredom gets everyone but sometimes we got to force ourselves to make the right decision! :slight_smile:


thanks @Avtixe

maybe i’ll probably reduce the map of my game and make it a little smaller when i feel like it


let me try to rephrase so we’re on the same page. you mean you want to reduce parts but keep the style as is or youre just too unmotivated?

sort of
basically im thinking about reducing the map and the number of models in my game since it’s had a reputation of it being laggy

oh, can you link the game so i can give feedback?

edit: found it

its on the topic i linked on the beginning of this topic but i’ll give you it anyway (1) Baconville - Roblox

edit: wait nvm u found it

You could also try using streaming enabled. That will reduce the models loaded to a certain radius. (at the expense of being able to see far in the distance, and also logistical problems with scripts and parts not existing sometimes)

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i already use streamingenabled for my game

what do you mean

If you already use it then you must not have any problems to sort out. Maybe reduce the streaming radius?

Sometimes lag can be tied to a certain model. I ran into a free model cupcake one time. If you got anywhere near it, you’d have crazy lag. Must have been a super high poly cupcake I guess.

If its specific locations that have lag, maybe try removing specific models and see if you lag problem goes away.

what does the streamingradius do

You could always hire me to make some stupid over-engineered solution like a fricking external server using HTTP requests to continuously stream data to the roblox server, I mean, it would reduce lag.

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I think its the wind effect causing your lag. You have wind blown grass everywhere. Try turning that off and see if it helps.

ok what i’ve seen so far:
i personally haven’t experienced that much lag (i have an overkill pc though. take it with a grain of salt); only when i’ve been loading in which could be a problem for low-end computers.

  • i would first start by removing/simplifying models such as the trees and bookshelves to be less parts and simpler (reducing amount of books, make them one color, make it a meshpart, etc)
    adding on, you should make some some non-important buildings have no furniture and collidable as players won’t go there.

  • you also seem to have a large amount of free models which are prone to viruses. i suggest using a trusted virus checker plugin to find malicious scripts that might slow your game.

  • also as @Sir_Highness mentioned, some scripts might cause lag too. try to delete unneeded scripts.

  • the smooth terrain might also be a main reason for lag but i don’t have enough experience to tell

  • here are some good plugins for you:
    part counter
    ro-defender anti-virus

TL;DR - simplify/remove models, remove scripts, check for viruses


why do you think the wind effect of the grass is causing some lag to the game

Cause the client has to do a lot of physics calculations to make the grass move because of the wind.

I think its the wind, because I got the most lag looking over the mostly grass areas. Also, I don’t think you have that many parts. It looks good.

do you mean the total parts in my game or the parts in the grass

also how do i turn the wind effect off or is it already in the properties