What if Roblox forests looked more like this?

I have been on Roblox as early as 2013. I have witness some of the most jaw dropping showcases and creations Roblox has to offer… However I have always felt that forests and foliage on Roblox has suffered. There was always some little detail that has been off, but I think I’ve almost figured it out…

For four years of steadying building in Studio, I have created my most beautiful forest so far.
The great news is more and more games will look like this in the future. :slight_smile:


This is… really impressive. Well worth the time and effort


That looks incredible and so very realistic, I wouldn’t believe this is ROBLOX. That’s worth what you put into it, well done. That’s incredible.


Is this made with those “bake textures” or is this made using FIB lighting? Either way, this just looks out of the world. Well done!

This is… Mind-blowing, just like the others, if it weren’t for the fact you said you’ve done all of this on Roblox, I would have believed that it was done in Unreal Engine 4 :rofl:

Hats off to you!

Wow, this looks amazing. I actually wouldn’t believe it was Roblox if I saw this by itself. Good job!

I think part of the reason a lot of games don’t have eyecandy like this due to the fact that not everyone has a high end PC.

A lot of developers try to support a wide audience. A lot of younger players don’t have expensive gaming rigs, so their potato computers would just die trying to render this scenery. Supporting only high end rigs would be a bottleneck, which a lot of developers don’t want.

Really cool build though!


Nope, this is all FIB! I do not honestly know to bake textures myself in the first place, so.

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I was thinking more along the lines of showcases and games meant to pus the limits. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your work is amazing as always my friend.

This looks absolutely amazing. If I saw this without context I would have thought this was made in something like Unity or Unreal Engine 4.

Yes, I believe many devs consider that “photorealistic” nowadays. It’s so cool. I wish more people used this on top-rate games, or other simulators! Nice view though! :+1:

That’s certainly impressive. Congratulations!

However, I still get concerned that mobile players would have issues playing games that would feature this amount of details. It’s a tricky albeit necessary act to balance these majestic graphics with a fast and playable game on all platforms.

Wow. I had to like it the second I saw. I think you found just the right balance in this build. I can not wait to see how you plan on updating or changing this when ROBLOX finally brings in normal maps! Really good job!

Here’s something I made awhile back using @Maximum_ADHD’s 3D grass thing


As nice as it looks, I’m certain Roblox struggles to handle mass-quantities of grass scattered around. Of course, things might have changed if beams are utilized but I have never attempted to try it. Either way, it’s truly impressive.


I doubt we will see any of such builds incorporated in games on greater scale in the near future (at least 5 years). Although the showcase looks absolutely great, the detail put into the build will quickly cause performance issues.

  • The grass has a lot of polygons, which even when drawn in clusters will likely cause performance drops unless some form of level of detail system is implemented where only nearby grass is shown.
  • Semi-transparent textures for the tree’s leaves are a pain for computers to draw because of the calculations required. It will have to consider the colors of the texture together with what is behind the texture to figure out what color to draw. Especially with textures stacked on top of each other this will be a big issue!

The showcase looks great, no doubt! But I think a lot of optimizations will have to be applied to make such a build ready for gameplay in the near future, which would mean cutting down on semi-transparent textures and implementing some sort of level of detail system.

I doubt this will ever be really use-able with the exception of a few games targeted at older audiences considering the mass majority of Roblox’s audience are usually on a computer, or mobile device that’s on the cheaper side .

Wow. It’s hard to believe people are making things like this. How long did this take you to make?

wow, amazing job. you put a lot of time and effort into this project