"What I'm wearing" Category in Avatar Editor

Whenever I go to the Avatar Editor to create a new outfit (even though we still have the 50 outfit limit for some reason…) it’s exceedingly difficult to ‘start from scratch’ so to speak. I have to search through all the packages/animations I’m wearing to remove them, for some reason the things I removed jump to the top of the recent category, I have to switch over to the hats category to remove my hats then switch back, etc. etc.

It just feels really inconvenient from what it used to be like. The recent category feels just strange, I have no idea how it’s ordered. A way to just flat out see what I’m wearing and remove it, or a way to just change my avatar to a default noob would be nice. Making new outfits feels like a chore compared to what it was.


a way to reset your avatar to a default ‘noob’ would be a helpful addition to the editor, especially now that there are dozens of tabs/categories to sort through!

For now, you can save a ‘from scratch’ outfit for you to easily revert back to every time you want to start over.


Are you talking about on mobile or web?

For mobile, you can just go to the recent tab and tap all of the green squares to unequip everything, right?

Unsure if this is intentional or not, but green squares do not always show at top of Recent


It’s annoying with hair, as you have to scroll down a lot if you can’t find it. Normally I just equip and unequipped the first hair in my inventory to remove it.