What increment to use in a lowpoly game?

Hi! :grin: I want to start making lowpoly builds for my games using Blender and Studio, but the question is the following: when using studio, what building increments do you use when building with a lowpoly style?

I looked for some info on the devforum and people primarily suggest used 0.1 studs (but that’s when doing a more realistic style of build, not low poly.)

A lot of professional builders use 0.1, 0.05, and 0.025 so everything lines up, even if you’re going for a more cartoony style when building, it still helps to have everything alligned properly. I’d suggest you go with those increments regardless of what route your taking, it just helps with simplicity.


Hi, I use .1 the most. I also use .2 and .5, if needed I use smaller increments such as .05… This question depends on your skill and what you’re building but if you’re a new builder you may want to stick to something like .5 or 1. Smaller increments can be frustrating and hard for newer builders. hope this helps

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