What Instance is this Image for?

So, i was looking at the ClassImages.png Image and found this little guy and was very intrigued by it and i wanted to spawn it in.

I’ve tried creating every single instance (at least the ones that can be created) using some script i made a while back but the instance is still nowhere to be seen. I even reverse-imaged the cropped file and found nothing.

Does anyone know even the name of this thing? or really anything about it? Is there even a way to spawn it using the Instance.new method?

Here’s the code i used to get all the instances if you want it. (In a module script and then i just required it in the command bar and ran the function)

local module = {}

local Instances = {} -- Really really long array

local InstancesFolder = workspace:WaitForChild("Instances")

function module.spawn()
	for i,v in pairs(Instances) do
		local _,_ = pcall(function()
			local ins = Instance.new(v)
			ins.Parent = InstancesFolder 

return module

It’s for the Actor class, which is used for Parallel Lua.

Ohhh. Okay, thank you so much. I’ll do some research on it.