What is “votes” on the activity page?

Hey all! So today, I was looking through my activity on the Fourms and noticed a tab that said this:


Votes, what is it, I have no topics in that catagory, so I have no idea what it is. I looked and some other people and they didn’t have any topic under “votes” too, so, do you know what it is? Thanks for reading and have a nice day :smiley:

A feature that we don’t use here for anything (yet?)



I thought of an amazing idea to help utilise this in the #platform-feedback area. Likes are the primary source to show support on threads posted in that category and it’s subcategories currently - but with this feature, it appears to show the vote count in the thread title. It’s nice and handy for seeing whats popular from the main directory and without having to click individual threads to see the amount of support/likes it currently has.

Hopefully we could investigate about turning it on in that category to make voting clearer, easier and browsing of that area more easy.

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