What is a good amount of xp for each level

I am making a experience system and I am wondering what would be a good equation to get the amount of xp required to level up based on the level the player is.
Can anyone give me ideas.

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Depends on your game. Make it so they level up fast at the start so they get excited when they first play the game. You really need to nail the first 5 minutes of your game.


I agree with Lawnmovver.

What I would do is have the first 5-10 minutes allow the player to level up 2-4 times. Then exponentially make it harder to level up.

For more detailed advice, what type of game are you making? Will it have Mobs to farm for exp? Is it player kill based? Do you need to complete objectives? Etc.

One thing I’ve always done is not necessarily make it harder to level up, but still not make it easy. For example, at level 1, it might take 500 xp to level up, at 2, 1000; 3, 1500, etc. I usually cap the xp needed once the player hits a certain level. For example, level 30 would need 15,000 xp, and so would every level afterwards.

This also makes it better for friends playing with eachother, as they’d usually level up at the same rate unless one of them is below the level where it stops increasing.

Depends on what you’re trying to achieve, if you’re trying to achieve a system in which the EXP gets progressively more then you will need a bit of maths. the way I did it for my game I went ahead and wrote this out:

local defaultexp = 100 --set this to the amount of exp the player will first start
--off with within the first time of the player joining the game
local exprequired = 100*(1.15^playerslevel)

so for example if the player was level 1 he would need 114 exp as oppose to someone who’s level 100 who would need roughly 100 million exp (you can lower the 1.15 value if you don’t want the changes to be so drastic)

in conclusion this will make it progressively more difficult depending on your level. this would be good if you had a system in which the higher level you are the stronger enemies you battle resulting in more EXP. othwerise, reffer to what has been mentioned above

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Personally, I use this formula:

math.floor(((level*(level - 1))/15) * 100) + 100

At level 1, you need 100 XP to level up. When you get to level 100, you need 66,100 XP to level up. You can adjust the XP gain in between each level by changing the number you divide (level*(level - 1) by (in this case, change the number where the 15 is).

But as others have said, it ultimately depends on your game.


I like this. Thanks, I couldn’t think of a good fair one to do. Thank you.

No problem, I like to help people when I can :grin:

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