What is a good animation editor (besides Moon Animator or Blender) that I can use to make smooth animations?


I would like to know an animation editor that I can use that provides a way to make smoother animations (like a Curve or Graph editor). Moon Animator has problems for me that I cannot fix, and I don’t feel like learning Blender. I know the built-in animation editor has a Curves mode, but it does not work for me.

So please provide me with an animation editor to use. Thanks.

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Then there’s literally no other option (that I can think of). Moon, the default, and blender are the best and most developed.

Well, if you want to easily make smooth animations with minimal effort, that’s your only option. It’s not that hard to learn once you get the jist of it.

moon animator is for those windows 7 mfs who can’t install blender or for those who won’t install blender
blender, idk, prob for people who like making camera animations
roblox’s built in animator is ok ig, i just use it when i publish MA animations
theres like no other option/alternative over those

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Moon animator is better than the Roblox animator in every way, shape and form. The built-in Roblox animator tends to lag sometimes (not all the time). Moon animator also has more easing types and options to help make animations, and even has the options which the built-in animator has.

occasionally roblox animator would be convenient since moon animator exporting processes would take me some time
yea that’s correct anyways