What is a good Average Visit Length?

What is the optimum average visit length to ensure that you’re getting the max amount of consecutive players at any given time? I’ve heard that its anything 15 minutes and higher. Right now I’m anywhere from 10-12 minutes on my games.

How do I raise it/improve it as well?


Add more features in your game that will make players play longer. Features can be things such as achievements (like you see in Theme Park Tycoon) or badges.

It’s all dependent on the game. Showcases will usually get around 5 minutes or less depending on the size. Games like simulators people could play for hours, average around 30 minutes I’d say. You can’t really say. It’s the content inside of the game that will keep people playing.

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This might work:

  • Go onto an alt account, play for around 10-12 minutes.
  • See what your current task is during the 10-12 minute mark (I’m not sure what your game is so I can’t really tell)
  • Around that time range there could possibly be some glitches/unpleasant/annoying things going on in your game that players just rather quit and find a new game than deal with it.

This really only can help if your game is a small game, like >50 players playing at once. If it’s anything over that it could just be >1 minute plays like what @Spraden said.