What is a good benefit for a gamepass?

I have one gamepass that grants a tool already, but I am looking for ideas for other gamepasses. My game is a futuristic shooter with planes and spaceships.

Perhaps have certain weapon packs, speed/health buffs, a VIP pass with perks, etc.

This kind of depends on what you want and what you think people would want to buy in your game. It’s hard to judge off such little information.

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Heya! Thanks for showing me around the place, what I’d say you could add in order to immerse this futuristic shooter with planes & spaceships is:

  • Exclusive Planes or Spaceships - Maybe have a rainbow variant or something like that, there’s a lot of room for different variants of planes or spaceships you can have.

  • Introduce new features to the Planes or Spaceships, such as a radio so you can play music inside or something like that.

  • A custom chat tag

  • Donation Board - Purpose for helping fund the development of your game

All the best to your game, good luck!

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Thank you so much for the kind words, these were really helpful.


My personal game design philosophy is simple; weapon gamepasses and such are not exactly a problem unless the player feels that they absolutely need to buy them in order to have fun. It’s great to remedy that issue by ensuring players who don’t intend to spend money still have a plethora of options opposed to players who have spent money.

As for the question, companies like Riot Games handle cosmetic microtransactions extremely well, for example, skins not only change character visuals, but sounds and VFX.
With that being said, cosmetic-only microtransactions do not come with nearly as much stigma as items/power-ups and are generally a safer, more consumer friendly route when it comes to monetization.