What is a Good Code UI Icon?


A lot of big games have code UIs in them, it’s a pretty good system to reward players active on your social media or through ads. Except all of them use the twitter icon for it. To me this just does not make sense because I plan on giving codes through discord, ads and everywhere else. I started looking for ideas for icons, but I could not find any good ideas. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions of icons I could use for a code UI like this?


I’d say a crown.

Might be wise to stick with the Twitter icon as most kids associate codes with twitter.


A Code is a form of giveaway, so i’d say a Gift icon would suit well, it would also eventually be the same case if you’re doing other kind of rewards such as the consecutive-days rewards or limited promos



Ever notice how your save icons are floppy disks? We don’t use floppy disks anymore, that doesn’t make sense, so why do we use them? Because that’s what people have already associated with save. Likewise, players already make the connection that the Twitter logo in Roblox games are codes. I’d stick with the Twitter logo.


Find something on FlatIcon, they have tons of Vector Icons.



Something like that would work well. Across the cone you could even have the word “CODES”


Probably not gift. That says “donate” a bit more than “codes”.


This may seem like a no-brainer but I think a simple Twitter icon would fit better than anything really,
it’s in my opinion very self explanatory what it means as a bunch of various top level games use it too.


Stick with the twitter icon. It would be easier for everyone to know that it is obviously a code display.


Use the icon for whatever platform you’re giving out the codes on. Make it easy to find and interact with, UX is important so the player doesn’t see a crown/gift icon and not know what it means unless they click it. If they see a Twitter icon (Discord wouldn’t be accepted) they know that it’s in relation to Twitter, and can piece together that that’s where the codes would go.

If you’re using multiple platforms, it’s a lot harder to generalise a one icon to be used without specifically writing the word code out


Makes me think more of a daily reward


I think the reason most people do that is because games like Mining Simulator use the twitter icon.


Instead of looking for specific ‘code buttons’, you can consider looking for reward icons instead.
Also, if your UI allows it, you can consider just using a simple ‘codes’ textbutton.
Twitter works fine too.