What is a good way to create water besides Terrain Editor


What is a good way to create water without Terrain Editor

before the 2022 Material Update, i would use Granite as water,

But how can i make Water look cooler with the new Materials?

What Should i do?

Depends on the use case, but you could make your own “part-water” or use one someone else has made:

You could make your own material or find one online too.

There’s also this stylized water:

Thanks, truly,

I should’ve been more clear tho:

On the wall is a Beam, but i’m trying to create realistic water:

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You can play around with the beam properties such as transparency and color that can help you get something that you like.

Yes, I have with the beams, i know, but im more of refering to the highlighted part below.

If you mean moving waves, that’s done with vertex displacement. Which, seems near impossible on Roblox. Mesh deformation is now a thing though.

These are some resources though: (lots of reading and sifting through things.)

You can add caustics by raycasting to the ground, or easier, throwing a texture on the water part. You could make the texture move with TweenService to make it look like the water is moving, or change some stuff with a Beam if you go that route.

You could make a cartoony vibe if you made the white highlight black instead of white? I’m guessing that was to show what was the water, but yeah.

Kinda confused, the above stuff more in line with the goal?

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You can add another beam on the surface of the highlighted part. That’s the easiest thing I can think of for adding details to it…

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why, not change the texture to before 2022?
or make your own texture?

Pretty much, and i got something I like, thanks:

(Sorry for bad quality, for some reason my PC cant record with 150 FPS.)

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ok, thats good. keep working with it then it will be more realistic

@AlphaTheDragonMage @GreenStom_I
The Fountain is just for detail in an FPS

Game is already scripted, i just disabled the MainScript to walk around and stuff

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