What is a "InsertionHash"?

What is a “InsertionHash”?
I do not know what this is.
I have looked, and have found no results.

Probably a roblox service that count as a virus

Do you know when or how this warning may have come up?

If it was, wouldn’t it have anything information on it on the Roblox wiki?

Kronos plugin that searches for backdoors.

I found this:
This could be a false positive.

What is InsertionHash though, is there any information on it?

Is this game your on a game your working on, or just a baseplate?

Viruses usually can be found by just looking through your workspace. If there isn’t anything there, or the other service files, this is likely a false positive. Because the Kronos project has been discontinued and is outdated I suggest you look for a different backdoor scanner.

I suggest looking for the virus manually, and while it does take some work, it’s cleaner and sometimes safer than using virus scanners.

InsertionHash is probably just the name for it because there isn’t a “InsertionHash” that’s a default child of InsertService

Do you know any good ones? 1234

Here’s one:

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the script name most likely and it uses the insert service to work

The InsertionHash is most likely a hashed asset ID which will get called from InsertService and then models in game or plugins do extra stuff.

Apparently it’s a StringValue with the value set as a GUID, what it’s used for though, I have no idea.
Probably a virus though.