What is a pcall() function and how do i use it and when should i use it?

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So i got a problem where i don’t understand what a pecall is and how to use it can someone explain how i use this and when i should and what it is because i’m unsure.


Protected call function.

Pcalls - When and how to use them - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox

This should help a bit.

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It runs functions without throwing an error and tells you if it ran successfully or not. (Not sure if this is the best explanation, but at least it’s short.) I haven’t really done anything with pcall because I haven’t used it before, so this may be kind of an odd explanation or even incorrect, but that’s all I know.


It just makes it so there isn’t an error, this is useful so it doesn’t stop your code from running.

Use pcall for functions that usually error such as TeleportService and DataStoreService.

You can also make your own error handler if you really want.

It returns a boolean on whether there was an error or not.

If there is an error

local success, err = pcall(function()
  return workspace.Hi

print(success, err) -- false, 'Attempted to index workspace with nil'

  return workspace.Hi
end)() -- errors

Whilst if there is no error

local y, name = pcall(function() 
  return workspace.Name

print(y, name) -- true, 'Workspace'


You can find additional information about the pcall() and xpcall() global functions here.