What is a Service?

I am creating “The Complete Idiots Guide to Roblox Scripting” and need help. I am creating a lesson on Services but I do not know a good way to describe them. I do not want people reading my work and not understand it. My question is: How would you describe a Service in the easiest way possible in hopes of a beginner scripter understanding?

NOTE: If this is in the wrong category, please tell me. I do not want this post to get removed!

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You can think of service as a helpful module which makes ur workflow easier by providing u easy and understandable methods to do complicated stuff. These inculde getting input from player and so on.

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Services are hidden instances in the game that allow you to access special functions/methods like

The built-in services cannot be edited

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Think of services as if they are waiters and other scripts as if they are diners. The diners ask “Can you get me my food” in code language that is “Can you execute my task and maybe return something” and the waiters go “Sure” and go carry out the instructions to Roblox’s internal engine (The chefs)

In basic words, services are just top-level and global classes that sort core functions of Roblox into themselves - they are the cells of the API and are available for any script to reference and utilize.