What is a Udim/Udim2 Value?

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Hello, so i’m new to udims and saw some scripting tutorials use a udim/udim2 value and i want to get a better understanding of what we use udim/udim2 values for so i can apply that knowledge and have a better understanding when working with the udims.

UDim2 is a value that contains X and Y - scale and offset, like this: UDim2.new(XScale, XOffset, YScale, YOffset)
It’s used in UI sizing and position

UDim is the same but without the offset values

EDIT: I’m wrong about the UDim. As @ThanksRoBama said, UDim is scale AND offset

A UDim is a pair of numbers, one for scale/“relative” the other for offset/“absolute” measurements. E.g. for position or size. AFAIK it isn’t actually used for anything.


A UDim2 is a combination of two UDims, one for X and one for Y. It’s used for setting the size and position of UI elements.



Thank you for the explanation i have a clearer understanding now. Thanks for your help

The scale of a UDim2 is equal to the percentage that it takes on the screen.
If we were to resize a gui like this: UDim2.new(1,0,1,0)

It would take the whole screen.

The offset is equal to the position in pixels.
Meaning that if you resize a part like this: UDim2.new(0,80,0,80)

It would look big on smaller devices, but small on larger screens.


A variety of GuiObject stylers/layouts use UDim values for their properties. For example a UICorner’s “CornerRadius” property.


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Oh cool, haven’t played around with those yet