What is an OBI?

So I hired someone who has an anti-exploit and he said he needed an OBI.

This is what he said to me “I need 800 robux to buy an OBI, basically a base that anchors the script. LUA is a script that breaks up when written. So an OBI will allow the install to be faster and healthier for the game. When installing stuff like TSI’s it will break up and cause lag in the game. But with an OBI it anchors the script and allows it to cause no lag.”.

Do I buy it, will this actually affect anything? Is it a real thing or is it apart of a scam to spend my money?

Did he tell you what OBI stands for?

No. I am going to ask him right now but he is offline.

This seems like a scam and I’ve never heard of an “OBI”. This person is trying to use advanced looking terms to trick you.


From what I can tell, none of what you were told makes any sense. I would interpret this as a scam unless this person is trusted in the Roblox community. You’re better off looking for anti-exploits elsewhere.

Disproving their claims: (kind of lengthy, sorry)

If this person creates anti-exploits, they should not be buying things made by other people.

This makes no sense; scripts cannot be anchored.

Lua is a programming language, not a script.

This doesn’t make sense—nothing is being installed anyway.

Not sure what a TSI is, but as far as I can tell it was made up.

This is not how scripts work.


Most of what you described sounds like BS anyway. I don’t know what he would buy for 800 RS either way. Most good Roblox Anti-Exploit stuff is open source on places like GitHub.


what lol

This is all just elegant wording to try and trick you into giving money. Lua is a coding language not a script and it’s single-threaded, there’s no concept of “breaking up” or “anchoring” or any of this other nonsense. In short: it’s all gibberish. It’s a lot more dangerous to employers unfamiliar with programming because they’ll be trapped into believing this person knows what they’re about.

Affects nothing. Don’t throw your money on unexplained, unsubstantiated things. Good on you for asking. Games are more performant and “healthier” by employing proper coding practices, not by using a magical nonexistent tool.


This is total BS, trying to scam you.

I’ve never heard of an “OBI” or a “TSI”. No clue what these are, I can assume others agree. Another big red flag is anchoring scripts to cause no lag. No such thing.

If people are talking nonsence in business and something seems sketchy like OBI, then its best to find someone else.


They probably just looked up “computer terms” and stumbled upon these articles. If the other responses haven’t convinced you yet, don’t buy from this person. They’re scamming you.

Also, I took computer science in school and there were units where we studied some terms. These are not any of them. Nothing important at least.


He has told me OBI means “Ontask Bot Intelligence” and TSI means “Tech Intergrated System”.

@PerilousPanther @GameDanGame @grif_0 @7z99

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Thats a scam. These are just terms to make him seem like he knows what he is doing.


Now I’m confused what is an OBI?!? I searched google and it was a japanese thing lol.

Neither of these are real terms—they are made up in order to try to trick you. This person you have hired is a scammer; I recommend that you do not give them the Robux they are asking for.

I have a feeling that it’s a scam. Scripts are not anchorable.
I have never heard of “Ontask Bot Intelligence” or “Tech Integrated System”. But they sound like made up terms.

The other red flag is when he mentioned that the “OBI” causes no lag. Lag caused by scripts depends on how you code them, where you place them, and how you use them. Their performance is not controlled by external factors.


@Cryptexx_DEV Could you state he’s username I actually would like to research the user.

VasilRurickovich is the guy who sells it. AudisLife is who recommended to me after a bad past relationship of me aaing his group for good reason.

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Ask him to explain further by providing sources for his claims perhaps an article like what @7z99 has shown for the technical details he is talking about, (make sure the links are safe though)

If he provides no sources and facts and cannot backup his claim any further then you know what to do.

This is a scam

If you had to anchor the scripts to avoid lag, everything would be so easy :wink:

Quick google search leads to nothing. He is trying to scam you. Even if so, I have never heard these terms used ever in roblox gamedev, and he is trying to seem smarter than he actually is. Even if those were real things, you cant anchor scripts.

“Ontask Bot Intelligence” just absolute gibberish lol