What is AnimationTrack:AdjustWeight() used for, and how do I use it?

I read about this on an API, but I can’t seem to understand what it’s used for. Is it used to smoothly transition one animation to another (ex: walking animation to running animation)? I saw something in a game where the walking animation smoothly transitioned to the run animation. Were they using this? Here’s an example of what it looked like inside of the game:


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If the animations have the same animation priority, the animation weight is basically the ratio of how much one animation plays on top of one another. Kind of like a cross fade effect.

For example if the weight of one animation was 0.5 and another one 0.5 and they were both playing at the same time, it would look like it was playing both animations at the same time. But if one was 0.8 and one was 0.2, i would still look like 2 animations are played but one is more visible.

They probably were, even the default animation script uses it.


I have this sprint animation in my game, so would I just use :AdjustWeight() to smoothly transition between walk and run?

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Came here for the same answer. Thanks