What is api.roblox?

Ok so I made a previous topic as a joke sorry for that etc etc Sorry for that

So I want to know that what is roblox api? and the website api . roblox (placed space so people wont think i am trolling again :slight_smile: ) Like I have heard that its api website but how do I use it?

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It’s for what I know stuff held by ROBLOX. All of it is either protected or undocumented so attempting to use it would take a while unless you run into someone who can do it, most of it is just Username change and GetRobux stuff. I think it’s not in a huge amount of use, either. Some of these (e.g getBalance) is imported into services and properly protected.
May I ask if there is something you need to use? I may be missing something, but it uses JavaScript I think which is a bit hard to convert into Lua.

just wanted to see if I can get a players roblox aka

No, it is currently impossible to do so. This is a example

is that deprecated? or not? hm?

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Check the document. (Charrrrr)

mind telling me how I use it ? aka how do I use CORE-Scripts

Core scripts is hidden from public usage. You cannot unless you are a ROBLOX staff.

oh well then. I suppose api.roblox has no use then

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I have seen some creations use it, but other then that, yes, it is useless.

well then I guess I need to find a way to use the useless

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May I ask why do you need to use it? There is not really much you need.

just wanted to use it to see if i can get the likes/favourites/dislikes and stuff of games/users/groups and stuff more of a like viewer kinda game which views the robux of players there balance there rep and some more stuff

Oh. I think that isn’t possible? I’m not sure, I need confirmation.

i think it is cuz the guy called MuneebParwaz he made this game called friendchecker and some more games like that and they kinda do what i just said

They use a service called FriendService. They save your current friends in a DataStore and when you join check if you are still friends or not, or if you gained some.
Edit: Not FriendService. I forgot where it was, but I can’t find it.

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This is simply not true. It is very well documented, and heavily used between game developers and web developers alike. If you are planning on using any Roblox API in your games, you will need to find or set up a proxy as you cannot make direct requests from the Roblox UserAgent.

Here are some of the documentation which can be found at the following sites:


Please keep in mind you should be familiar with HTTP Service, and if you need help that should be a whole other topic.

All of the things you mentioned are possible via these API endpoints, expect for viewing a player’s Robux which is protected by the authenticated user. (unless you are running some type of service where you have access to their cookie, which you do not in game).


My bad. Thanks for clarification.

Not a problem, glad I could clarify. :slight_smile:

doe still how do you run it do you need like a server?