What is Azure 1337?

Sorry if the category is wrong, I don’t really know where I would post this.

Anyway, if you take a look at the decals/images in the creator store you’ll see a bunch of stuff titled “Azure 1337”. I assume, judging by some simple googling, I think it may be some russian "content creator"s serversided executor. I’ve been seeing this for the past few months, surprising Roblox hasn’t done anything about it.

Here’s a screenshot of what I see when I first open the Images section of the Creator Store.


the first page of decals doesnt know wtf its doing anymore


What? This person is Bitdancer…

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Sounds like someone’s just mass-producing decals to promote their so-called “obfuscator” product. It’s basically a device used to encrypt your game so it’s harder for exploiters to replicate and distribute. I have no idea what is going on either.

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isnt making obfuscated scripts against tos or does that only apply to scripts in models you plan to distribute

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yeah no i jsut joined their server its just verify with some bot guns.lol (dont know if its save so i didnt do it) and you can just buy Stuff

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Obfuscation is only disallowed when it can be accessed by anybody.

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I use it to make sure exploiters and those without permit can’t figure out what they’re reading haha! Of course, they can only get your client files for the game.

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